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  • Dimensions (LxDxH) and schemes:
    1100 x 450 x 430 mm
  • Comfortable and perfectly fits in different interiors

    This furniture will perfectly fit everywhere: in the living room, in the children’s room, in the hall or in the working room. If you sit on it for a rest you will immediately sense fabric softness. Please meet a comfortable and nice accent of the room!

  • Stylish bed legs

    The design of furniture legs meets the up-to-date trends of interior fashion. Metal legs are with the finishing of natural wood. You can choose the colour of leg metal and wood from the offered palette of colours.

  • You can choose from a huge variety of fabrics

    For your option we offer over 200 different fabrics. You will surely select the most suitable version, which will harmoniously decorate your home.

  • You can choose the colour of the legs

    You can choose the wood colour of the legs from the palette of offered colours.

  • You can choose the colour of the legs

    You can choose the metal colour of the legs from the palette of offered colours.



Our offered upholstery and finishing materials are carefully selected for the specific model of a piece of furniture in order to perfectly display the design of furniture. The colours, which you see on the screen, may slightly differ from the real ones. If you can’t find the right colour here, you can choose from a variety of other upholstered materials options.

Fabric selection
  • FOCUS | 18 grey

    FOCUS | 18 grey

  • FOCUS | 17 light grey

    FOCUS | 17 light grey

  • FOCUS | 16 mint

    FOCUS | 16 mint

  • FOCUS | 15 navy blue

    FOCUS | 15 navy blue

  • FOCUS | 10 mineral

    FOCUS | 10 mineral

  • FOCUS | 09 dark stone

    FOCUS | 09 dark stone

  • FOCUS | 08 chocolate

    FOCUS | 08 chocolate

  • FOCUS | 07 brown

    FOCUS | 07 brown

  • FOCUS | 06 taupe

    FOCUS | 06 taupe

  • FOCUS | 05 sand

    FOCUS | 05 sand

  • FOCUS | 03 beige

    FOCUS | 03 beige

Selection of wood colour
  • B06 | dark grey

    B06 | dark grey

  • B05 | white birch

    B05 | white birch

  • B04 | oak color

    B04 | oak color

  • B03 | dark brown

    B03 | dark brown

  • B01 | light brown

    B01 | light brown

Selecton of metal colour
  • M09 | dark brown

    M09 | dark brown

  • M12 | grey

    M12 | grey

  • M11 | dark champagne

    M11 | dark champagne

  • M10 | white

    M10 | white

  • M13 | black

    M13 | black

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See how it looks like

We offer one of the largest palettes of qualitative table-tops and colours in Lithuania. If you arrive at the salon, you will be able to see how the fabrics you liked look on our furniture.

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