Delivery and assembly

Delivery and assembly

We aim to ensure that every business stage starting with a furniture idea, manufacture, and finishing with its introduction, sale and assembly at customer’s home and its warranty service will be accompanied by professionalism and responsibility.

Furniture delivery and assembly

After you purchase the commodity, you are able to order delivery and assembly services. Qualified employees will supply at any address, take to the necessary floor and assemble your furniture.

For more information contact us by: email or phone: +370 634 85 000.

For quality please contact by e-mail or phone +370 634 85 000.

Furniture is provided with a 24-month warranty. The warranty period is calculated from the moment when a seller handles the commodity to a buyer as it is specified in the agreement. The warranty is provided only when the following documents of purchasing are submitted: a purchase-sale agreement, payment check and a warranty certificate of the product.

Within the warranty period, we will correct quantitative or qualitative inadequacies, set up or replace with qualitative ones at our own expense. Please report any furniture defect noticed during its exploitation to Zbiga UAB by using the following information: by e-mail, at the address: Beržų str. 2B, Riešė, LT-14266 Vilnius Dist. We shall notify of our edition immediately by your contacting information provided to us. Replacement, return of the goods or elimination of their defects shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of retail trade.

The buyer shall not have the right to terminate the agreement if a defect of the object is not significant in accordance with Par.8 of Art. 6.338 of CC. Terms of the claims concerning the defects of the goods are established the warranty of a commodity in accordance with CC Art.6.338. Customers’ entitlement to reject a remote agreement and the one concluded beyond the sale premises is established by CC Art. 6.22810.


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Tel.: +370 5 262 6751

Fax: +370 5 279 1466


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Quality and care guide

In order to use and to enjoy your furniture for a long time, it is important to operate it according to its intended use. For more information on furniture use and maintenance please see the Manual of Furniture Quality and Maintenance.

If you have any issues concerning furniture please contact our Quality Department by e-mail or phone +370 634 85 000. We will always help you with pleasure.

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We cooperate with leasing companies “Moki lizingas” and “SB Lizingas”. You will need an identity card or a passport. If solvency requirements are met, the financing agreement can be signed.

For more information and leasing conditions please contact us: or  +370 634 85 000.

JSC “Mokilizingas”

No interest;

contract fee only – 0,7 %.

For example, you are borrowing 289,62EUR. If the contract is signed without the initial deposit when the first payment is made in one month – a fixed yearly interest rate is 0%. Contract fee for a month is 0,7 % (8,4 %), total annual cost of consumer credit (BVKKMN) – 16,23 %. Routine payment – 26,10 EUR. The total – 313,24 EUR. You can be offered other financing conditions depending on the solvency and risk valuation conducted by our company. Also, if the initial deposit is made, or another than 12-month term and another day of payment is chosen.

JSC “SB lizingas”

No interest or contract fee when buying with „SB lizingu“!

Administrative fee – only 0,55 %.

For example, under the terms of promotion you are borrowing 325 EUR. When the contract is signed without the initial deposit, routine payments are paid monthly, the fixed annual interest rate is 0%, the monthly administrative fee is 0.55%, the contract fee is 0%, the total annual rate of consumer credit is 12,66%, the total paid amount is 346,48 EUR. The amount of the routine contribution is 28,87 Eur. You may also be offered other financing terms, depending on the duration of the contract and your solvency evaluation. It’s a limited time offer. More information at sales outlets.

Post-warranty service (Re-upholstering of soft furniture)

During the warranty and post-warranty period, in case if any fabric has worn or your beloved pet has made any damage to furniture, you can always apply to us for renewal of our furniture.

In order to be able to evaluate the volume of required works, please send us a picture of that piece of furniture together with your request, and provide your specific requests in your message.

Purchase and sale documents may also be helpful if you have them saved. For information on the phone: +370 5 246 6138. For information by email:

Purchasing furniture directly from a salon or warehouse.

You can immediately buy a piece of furniture you liked. A huge availability of the most popular furniture is in the warehouse. For a specific model and colour of furniture please ask on the site or contact us. For information on the phone: +370 634 85 000. For information by e-mail:

Individual ordering.

You can order a piece of furniture in accordance with individual parameters of its fabric, material and other settings when you arrive at our salon or by e-mail. The period of manufacturing with fabric at the moment is 30-35 calendar days while manufacturing with genuine leather is 350-40 days. For information on the phone: +370 634 85 000. For information by e-mail:

Ordering by e-mail.

Please send us your requests about the piece of furniture you desire by e-mail or provide them by telephone +370 634 85 000. You will be sent a commercial offer, which will be valid 5 days. The order shall be confirmed by an advanced payment (30% of the purchase value) or by paying the whole amount.


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