We aim to ensure that every business stage starting with a furniture idea, manufacture, and finishing with its introduction, sale and assembly at customer’s home and its warranty service will be accompanied by professionalism and responsibility.


We cooperate with leasing companies “Moki lizingas” and “SB Lizingas”. You will need an identity card or a passport. If solvency requirements are met, the financing agreement can be signed.

For more information and leasing conditions please contact us: info@magre.lt or  +370 634 85000.

JSC “Mokilizingas”

No interest;
contract fee only – 0,7 %.

For example, you are borrowing 289,62EUR. If the contract is signed without the initial deposit when the first payment is made in one month – a fixed yearly interest rate is 0%. Contract fee for a month is 0,7 % (8,4 %), total annual cost of consumer credit (BVKKMN) – 16,23 %. Routine payment – 26,10 EUR. The total – 313,24 EUR. You can be offered other financing conditions depending on the solvency and risk valuation conducted by our company. Also, if the initial deposit is made, or another than 12-month term and another day of payment is chosen.

JSC “SB lizingas”

No interest or contract fee when buying with „SB lizingu“!
Administrative fee – only 0,55 %.

For example, under the terms of promotion you are borrowing 325 EUR. When the contract is signed without the initial deposit, routine payments are paid monthly, the fixed annual interest rate is 0%, the monthly administrative fee is 0.55%, the contract fee is 0%, the total annual rate of consumer credit is 12,66%, the total paid amount is 346,48 EUR. The amount of the routine contribution is 28,87 Eur. You may also be offered other financing terms, depending on the duration of the contract and your solvency evaluation. It’s a limited time offer. More information at sales outlets.


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