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  • Dimensions (LxDxH) and schemes:
    1830 x 1030 x 1040 mm
    2130 x 1030 x 1040 mm
  • This product is assessed with a golden medal
  • With a sleeping mechanism

    This furniture has been designed so that if it is necessary it could be transformed into a bed with a comfortable solid mattress. It is very useful having guests when the sofa is employed as a bed. A lifting sleeping mechanism is convenient and safe; it does scratch the floor surface and is operated simply.

  • Pull-off pillow cover

    It is easy to pull off and to wash the pillow slipcovers of the supporting and sitting parts. You furniture will always be as new.

  • You can choose the colour of the legs

    You can choose the wood colour of the legs from the palette of offered colours.



When choosing a piece of soft furniture, not only external design is significant, its internal structure is also important. You may be sure that the production of “Magrės baldai” is made of qualitative and durable materials. Most families from Lithuania and other countries have assessed quality and durability of the products of “Magrės baldai”; therefore, they recommend them to their friends and relatives without any doubt.

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Our offered upholstery and finishing materials are carefully selected for the specific model of a piece of furniture in order to perfectly display the design of furniture. The colours, which you see on the screen, may slightly differ from the real ones. If you can’t find the right colour here, you can choose from a variety of other upholstered materials options.

Fabric selection
  • Verdura | cream 19221

    Verdura | cream 19221

  • Verdura | grey 19123

    Verdura | grey 19123

  • Verdura | mint 19216

    Verdura | mint 19216

  • Verdura | ocean 18315

    Verdura | ocean 18315

  • Verdura | midnight 18118

    Verdura | midnight 181...

  • Verdura | latte 19104

    Verdura | latte 19104

  • Verdura | dark gray 18724

    Verdura | dark gray 18...

  • Verdura | sand 19202

    Verdura | sand 19202

  • Verdura | sahara 19110

    Verdura | sahara 19110

  • Verdura | yellow 19109

    Verdura | yellow 19109

  • Verdura | green 19112

    Verdura | green 19112

  • Verdura | dark green 18314

    Verdura | dark green 1...

  • Verdura | brick 18307

    Verdura | brick 18307

  • A09 | natural oak waxed

    A09 | natural oak waxe...

  • A07 | natural oak oiled

    A07 | natural oak oile...

  • A05 | white stained

    A05 | white stained

  • A04 | natural oak varnished

    A04 | natural oak varn...

  • A03 | dark brown stained

    A03 | dark brown stain...

  • A10 | white oak waxed

    A10 | white oak waxed

  • A11 | white oak oiled

    A11 | white oak oiled

  • A12 | brown oiled

    A12 | brown oiled

  • A13 | brown waxed

    A13 | brown waxed

  • A14 | dark grey oiled

    A14 | dark grey oiled

  • A15 | dark grey waxed

    A15 | dark grey waxed

  • A16 | brown stained

    A16 | brown stained

  • A17 | dark grey stained

    A17 | dark grey staine...

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We offer one of the largest palettes of qualitative table-tops and colours in Lithuania. If you arrive at the salon, you will be able to see how the fabrics you liked look on our furniture.

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