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  • Dimensions (LxDxH) and schemes:
    2485 x 2100 x 1430 mm
    2685 x 2100 x 1430 mm
    2885 x 2100 x 1430 mm
  • With two storage boxes

    There are two separate storage spaces underneath the mattrasses. Which opens from the sides of the bed by lifting the mattress. When the storage space has fully opened the hinge fixates the position, for safe and convenient use. Storage boxes have ventilation holes to prevent condensation and to ensure ventilation.

  • Built-in mattress and mattress-topper

    Exceptional design for exceptionally good your rest. This bed is distinguished from our other beds not only by the subtle headboard. One of the biggest advantages of this bed is that it has a built-in mattress and mattress-topper, so you will not have to worry about it. The mattress is designed according to the Spring Box principle, which uses pocket springs. Spring Box is an effective way to raise your bed, make it more comfortable, and ensure that the mattress lasts longer. It consists of a solid wooden frame, covered material. This product is placed on the main bed frame, and then the mattress-topper, which can be from viscoelastic or high-density polyurethane, is placed. The mattress topper can be unzipped. It is made with a special fabric which allows the body to breathe.

  • Additional lighting with built-in USB charging ports

    For your convenience, you can also order lighting: 2 lights with 2 integrated USB charging ports. Lighting is controlled by touch. Available in black or white colors.

  • You can choose from a huge variety of fabrics

    For your option we offer over 200 different fabrics. You will surely select the most suitable version, which will harmoniously decorate your home.

  • You can choose the colour of the legs

    You can choose the colour of the legs from the palette of offered colours.



When choosing a piece of soft furniture, not only external design is significant, its internal structure is also important. You may be sure that the production of “Magrės baldai” is made of qualitative and durable materials. Most families from Lithuania and other countries have assessed quality and durability of the products of “Magrės baldai”; therefore, they recommend them to their friends and relatives without any doubt.

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Our offered upholstery and finishing materials are carefully selected for the specific model of a piece of furniture in order to perfectly display the design of furniture. The colours, which you see on the screen, may slightly differ from the real ones. If you can’t find the right colour here, you can choose from a variety of other upholstered materials options.

Fabric selection
  • DUBAI | 01 dark brown

    DUBAI | 01 dark brown

  • DUBAI | 02 mocca

    DUBAI | 02 mocca

  • DUBAI | 03 latte

    DUBAI | 03 latte

  • DUBAI | 04 beige

    DUBAI | 04 beige

  • DUBAI | 05 silver

    DUBAI | 05 silver

  • DUBAI | 06 levander

    DUBAI | 06 levander

  • DUBAI | 07 antique rose

    DUBAI | 07 antique ros...

  • DUBAI | 08 bordeux

    DUBAI | 08 bordeux

  • DUBAI | 09 yellow

    DUBAI | 09 yellow

  • DUBAI | 10 green

    DUBAI | 10 green

  • DUBAI | 11 mint

    DUBAI | 11 mint

  • DUBAI | 12 ocean

    DUBAI | 12 ocean

  • DUBAI | 13 night blue

    DUBAI | 13 night blue

  • DUBAI | 14 light grey

    DUBAI | 14 light grey

  • DUBAI | 15 dark grey

    DUBAI | 15 dark grey

  • DUBAI | 16 grafit

    DUBAI | 16 grafit

Furniture leg selection
  • B01 | light brown

    B01 | light brown

  • B03 | dark brown

    B03 | dark brown

  • B04 | oak color

    B04 | oak color

  • B05 | white birch

    B05 | white birch

  • B06 | dark grey

    B06 | dark grey

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See how it looks like

We offer one of the largest palettes of qualitative table-tops and colors in Lithuania. If you arrive at the salon, you will be able to see how the fabrics you liked look on our furniture.

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