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Re-upholstery of soft furniture

Re-upholstery of soft furniture

We aim to ensure that every business stage starting with a furniture idea, manufacture, and finishing with its introduction, sale and assembly at customer’s home and its warranty service will be accompanied by professionalism and responsibility.

Post-warranty service (Re-upholstering of soft furniture)

During the warranty and post-warranty period, in case if any fabric has worn or your beloved pet has made any damage to furniture, you can always apply to us for renewal of our furniture.

In order to be able to evaluate the volume of required works, please send us a picture of that piece of furniture together with your request, and provide your specific requests in your message.

Purchase and sale documents may also be helpful if you have them saved. For information on the phone: +370 5 246 6138. For information by email: info@magre.lt.

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WARNING! Failure to follow the warnings in the installation instructions could result in serious injury or death.

  • The furniture is not intended for commercial use, as well as for use in offices, hospitals, etc.
  • For the disposal of packaging materials, it is necessary to use the services of local waste disposal companies. Remaining after installation must be disposed of in accordance with legal requirements and ensure that children are protected from access. The remaining elements after installation are not intended for play or other use.


WARNING! Due to the presence of small elements in the cardboard, the furniture must be kept out of the reach of children before installation.

WARNING! Children should not be left unattended near furniture. No need for doors, drawers, etc. do not leave it open as this may endanger children.


  • The furniture may only be installed by adults in accordance with the instructions in the installation instructions, using the appropriate tools (in the case of power tools, the appropriate clutch torque must be set to prevent damage to the threads).
  • If, after or during the unpacking of the furniture, any part is found to be damaged or missing, do not start or stop the installation and contact your dealer, as only spare parts approved by the manufacturer may be used.
  • Install on a level surface. To prevent damage to the elements or the base, it is recommended that the installation be carried out on a protective base (eg using disassembled packaging materials).
  • If a construction device is provided to protect the furniture from tipping over, this device must be installed in order for the furniture to be used safely.

ATTENTION! Due to the variety of walls, such a protective structure is not equipped with wall mounting hardware. Please choose the appropriate hardware for the given wall. If in doubt about which hardware to use, contact a specialist shop.

  • Adhesive cushioning dampers can be used to ensure quiet closing of doors and drawers. ATTENTION! Retractors are small items that can be torn open and swallowed by children.

Ways to submit a warranty service request:

You can make a claim by filling out the Warranty Service request on our website. When submitting a claim, provide only the most important and necessary information necessary to identify the defect of the goods (describe the problem, attach photos, provide the order or VAT invoice number, provide the customer's contacts).

Warranty service request processing deadlines:

Claims are processed within 3 working days. During this time, you will be contacted by a specialist from our Quality Department who will agree on the next steps.

Furniture restoration and repair:

We can repair and / or restore furniture of various ages made in our company (Magrė furniture). For more information, please contact us by e-mail info@magre.lt or by phone +370 634 85000.

Extension of the warranty period in the cases provided by the Civil Code:

Pursuant to Article 6.335 (3) of the Civil Code (CC), if the buyer is unable to use the items for which the quality guarantee period has been set due to obstacles attributable to the seller, the guarantee period shall not be calculated until the seller removes that obstacle. Paragraph 4 of this Article stipulates that, unless otherwise provided in the contract, the warranty period shall be extended for the period during which the buyer was unable to use the item due to defects, if the buyer duly notified the seller of the observed defects.

Thus, unless otherwise provided in the contract of sale, the warranty period is extended to the extent that the purchased goods could not be used due to circumstances beyond the control of the buyer.

After-sales service

Furniture is provided with a 24-month warranty. Mattress cores come with a 60-month warranty. The warranty period is calculated from the moment when a seller handles the commodity to a buyer as it is specified in the agreement. The warranty is provided only when the following documents of purchasing are submitted: a purchase-sale agreement, payment check and a warranty certificate of the product.

Within the warranty period, we will correct quantitative or qualitative inadequacies, set up or replace with qualitative ones at our own expense. Please report any furniture defect noticed during its exploitation to Zbiga UAB by using the Warranty service request, at the address: Beržų str. 2B, Riešė, LT-14266 Vilnius or be call +370 634 85000. We shall notify of our edition immediately by your contacting information provided to us. Replacement, return of the goods or elimination of their defects shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of retail trade.

The buyer shall not have the right to terminate the agreement if a defect of the object is not significant in accordance with Par.8 of Art. 6.338 of CC. Terms of the claims concerning the defects of the goods are established the warranty of a commodity in accordance with CC Art.6.338. Customers’ entitlement to reject a remote agreement and the one concluded beyond the sale premises is established by CC Art. 6.22810.

The subject of the alternative solution of customers’ disputes is The State servive for protection of customer rights:

Vilniaus str. 25, LT-01402 Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 262 6751

Fax: +370 5 279 1466

E-mail: tarnyba@vvtat.lt

Web site: vvtat.lt

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In order for you to use your furniture for a long time and for it to please you, it is important to use it according to its purpose and properly care for the tapestry or natural leather.

In each case, the durability of furniture fabric and natural leather depends greatly on the use and care of the furniture, so we offer to purchase furniture care products together with the furniture. After purchasing new furniture made of both natural leather and tapestry, we recommend impregnating the upper surface (if the properties of the material allow it) with special means for the care of upholstery, then cleaning the furniture will be much easier. Protective agents form a film on the surface of the fabric, impermeable to dirt, moisture and grease, which does not change the color of the fabric.

You can find all furniture care products here: FURNITURE CARE PRODUCTS

Natural upholstery has specific properties and appearance that do not depend on the furniture manufacturer.

Natural leather is a living organism, the skin tone of individual products may vary slightly. Differences in texture, scratches, scars or insect bites on the leather, a certain grain that appeared outside of production, are features of the appearance of natural leather, which give the furniture organicity and luxury. When using furniture for a long time, the tone and gloss of the leather may change, the looseness of the leather upholstery may appear - all these are natural processes that are attributed to the properties of natural leather.


WARNING! Do not use the furniture if any part is cracked, broken, separated. In this case, contact your dealer for repair or replacement, as only manufacturer-approved replacement parts can be used.

  • ATTENTION! The furniture must be operated according to its purpose, without overloading the elements, as this threatens to damage their durability. Do not climb on the desk or other tables, do not hang on doors, do not climb on shelves, do not overload drawers, etc. Place the heaviest items in the lowest drawers. Do not open more than one drawer at a time. Do not remove drawer locks. The use of these limiters can reduce the risk of the furniture tipping over, although it cannot completely eliminate it.
  • The furniture must be operated in dry rooms and protected from harmful atmospheric conditions.
  • ATTENTION! Do not place the furniture close to heat sources, open flames (e.g. fireplaces, stoves, heaters).


  • Furniture should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or mild furniture care products, then dry with a brush. Do not use bleaching agents, do not submerge in water, do not use rough fabrics or substances with abrasive properties that can cause surface scratches. Do not use aggressive detergents and oil-based cleaners.
  • As a result of using the furniture, the connections of the component elements may become loose. It is recommended to periodically check the connections and, if necessary, tighten the screws and other connections, thereby ensuring the correct functioning of the furniture and its durability (this is especially important in the case of movable furniture elements: doors, drawer guides).
  • All chests of drawers and wardrobes have additional structural means to protect the furniture from tipping over. This tool must be attached to the chest of drawers and the wall so that the furniture can be used safely.
  • The furniture must be operated in dry, ventilated rooms (ambient temperature from +5C to +35C, relative air humidity from 30% to 70%).
  • When changing the location of the furniture, it is advisable not to push it, but to move it.
  • The shade of furniture covered with natural veneer changes over time due to exposure to light, so new furniture with the same cover placed next to the old ones will have a different shade. Also, the difference in the shade of the furniture may appear in the long run if a certain part of it is constantly exposed to light, and the other part is not: if you pull a computer monitor that has not been moved for a long time, an area of ​​a different shade will remain where it is parked.
  • Do not place the furniture too close to the fireplace or air conditioner vent, as the material may be deformed or the finish of the furniture may be damaged.
  • A special floor-protecting coating is attached to the bottom of furniture (for example, table and chair legs) and protects the floor surface from scratches.


Scratch or otherwise affect the surface of furniture with hard, sharp objects. Furniture and its parts should be broken, heated, used for purposes other than intended. Pour solvents, acids or alkalis on the surface of the furniture. Use cleaning agents that contain acids, alkalis or abrasive substances. The manufacturer is not responsible for mechanical damage to the product, their repair is not subject to warranty maintenance.


  • Clean the dust with a dry, clean cloth, and clean more soiled surfaces in the direction of the coating pattern (if it can be determined) with a soft, damp cloth with a mild cleaning agent (eg: liquid dishwashing detergent).
  • The surface of the furniture is not afraid of short-term exposure to water. However, water or other liquid spilled at the junction of the edge and the plane must be quickly dried with a cloth, as the part may swell.


  • Clean with a soft damp cloth in the direction of the coating pattern.
  • The surface of the furniture is not resistant to water. Water or other liquid spilled at the junction of the edge and plane must be quickly dried with a cloth, as the part may swell.
  • Clean as needed (at least once a month) with a cleaner designed for cleaning wooden surfaces (wood care kit) and dry with a dry, soft cloth.


  • For cleaning, we recommend using cleaners that contain up to 30% alcohol or do not contain alcohol at all (e.g. organic). Nowadays, everyone is used to disinfecting their hands and using the same liquid to clean surfaces. You CANNOT do this.
  • When placing cups with a hot drink or other hot objects on the surface, it is necessary to place a tray. It is important not to pour boiling water directly on the table, and if accidentally spilled, clean it up immediately, do not leave it for a long time.

If you have any furniture-related questions that you cannot solve yourself, please fill out a Warranty Service Request or call tel. +370 634 85 000. We will always be happy to help you.


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