The new Vytis 2020 collection is dedicated to Lithuania!

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Magrės baldai presents a new collection of its products “Vytis” with exceptional design and convenience. The name of the collection “Vytis” symbolizes patriotism, love and respect for the home.

Wide choice

The new collection consists not only of different upholstered furniture: sofas, corners of various sizes, armchairs, ottomans, but also tables. A wide range of products allows you to choose the most suitable option for your interior.

The range is rich in different types, colors and patterns of fabrics that can be combined with each other.

Gift – a unique accent

Those who order the products of the new collection receive an exclusive gift – a pillow “Lithuania” embroidered with Lithuanian symbols.

The Magės baldai team encourages the choice of Lithuanian home-made furniture and interior accessories.

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