New furniture collection NIDA

Modular furniture collection NIDA is designed for smart families, which wish to create a comfortable resting zone even in a small home.

By offering “to create”, we had exactly that in our mind: NIDA has as many gathering options as there are sand grains by the seaside! You will develop your NIDA of the following components: chaises longues, an armchair, corner part, a shelf and pouffes.

Every piece is a separate element. However, it is sufficient to connect them and you already have a harmonious, stylish and luxury unit. It is topped with royal wooden arm rests made of natural oak providing your home with a nature touch.

NIDA will perfectly fit to different spaces of home: from small flats to luxurious personal houses and cottages. And if you need such furniture, which delight you and is comfortable to sit in the terrace or bath, NIDA will also fits for that as well. One more unique detail of NIDA is a palette of colours. By choosing tapestry or leather surface for this furniture, you will be able to select the most suitable duet of colours for separate pieces of NIDA furniture.

After you find your own authentic composition of colours and patterns, you will be sure that the interior of your home glints with spark and originality.