Admire an impressive flower installation with “Imperija” ottomans!

An eye-catching and bright floral installation in the space decorated the main square of PC Europa. It is gratifying that we have been able to contribute to our Empire, decorated with luxurious inclusions. M. Petruškevičius used hydrangeas and amaranth for the flower installation, which are visible only when entering the supermarket.

Author of the flower installation “Hanging Gardens” Mantas Petruškevičius

Project management – JSC “Monartus”

You can see the installation in store “Europa”

More about the project at: https://www.delfi.lt/stilius/stiliaus-naujienos/pasigrozekite-naujausiame-manto-petruskeviciaus-kurinyje-ispudingi-geliu-debesys.d?id=84178893

Pufas Imperija