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Collection couch II

Blues, Disco, and Rock are a trio of functional couches. A fun and subtle simple design and functional sleeping part – the distinctive features of these couches. The couch can be of two different sizes: wider (1000 mm) and narrower (900 mm) and three different headboard designs. For those who love to have a playful design, it’s a great fit for the couch Disco and Rock, whose headboard fabric combinations you can create individually, combine not only the fabrics of different textures, but also create peculiar colors – combining different colors or patterns Each other For those who are keen on the day, the Blues, which stands out in the shape of their headboard, have a modest and subtle design, and will fit in any interior, either in a playful, bright, eclectic or peaceful manner. Couches are perfectly suitable not only for children’s or young people’s rooms but can also be used in work or guest rooms. The exclusive functionality of the Coušeks will like not only children-they are equipped with double-acting hinges, which allow the sleeping part to be opened from two sides: one side opens the bedding box, the other allows you to adjust the position of the back.


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