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Soft furniture – it’s the main place at home, where “family happens”. When furniture is solid, stylish and long lasting, the family’s life becomes more solid and happier.

20% off furniture from storage, 10% off orders!

Promotional period: 2018 12 07 – 01 07.

Promotional terms:

  • 10% discount on furniture orders, on furniture from storage or exposition;
  • 20% discount on marked furniture from storage;
  • The quantity of goods in the storage is limited;
  • Other discounts do not apply, during this promotional period;
  • This promotion does not apply to already discounted items;
  • Special offers cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions or discounts;
  • If the furniture is purchased not during the promotional period the offer does not apply;
  • For more information on furniture, that is in storage please consult our personnel in our branded stores or tel. branded stores or tel. +370 634 85 000info@magre.lt


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In our salons, you will find a choice of the most popular soft furniture, corner furniture, sofas, beds and other furniture accessories. On the arrival, you will be able to test furniture comfortability and to choose a favourable coating for your selected furniture.