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  • Dimensions (LxDxH):
    1592 x 1980 x 210 mm
    1792 x 1980 x 210 mm
  • Slipcover is basted with elastic fibre

    This fibre provides the fabric a particular sense of sponginess and pleasant touch. Due to elastic fabric basted technology, the fabric will remain the same shape and will not stretch in the course of time. The fabric contains natural fibre of viscose. The slipcover can be washed at 30°C temperature.

  • Mattress bottom contains integrated grid

    The lower part of the mattress is integrated with a grid. The grid improves air flow of the mattress and evaporates moisture.

  • Upper knitted fabric contains “Oeco-Tex “

    This certificate denotes safe materials. The products marked with the sign “Confidence in Textile” are really safe and does not contain and allergic substances, formaldehydes, heavy metals or forbidden pesticides. It is important for textile intended for baby’s use.

  • Conveniently pull-off slipcover

    It is convenient to pull off the slipcover with a zipper.

  • High-density polyurethane

    High-density polyurethane with soybean oil ensures elasticity of the mattress and long exploitation time.

  • 7 anatomic zones

    7 orthopaedic anatomic zones help in better adapting to the body. The mattress sinks in the places pressed more and shapes a correct support for the spine.

  • This product is assessed with a golden medal
  • Especially comfortable and convenient

    Wide furniture lines create not only an exceptional design but also helps in feeling the best relaxation comfort.

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