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Double spring mattress BRAŠKĖ

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 1600 x 2000 x 180 mm
Double STRAWBERRY mattress - for optimal comfort Icon

For a guest room, a farmhouse, choose an economy-class two-size double BRASKĖ mattress. It is a spring mattress that meets the basic rest and economic needs of the user.

Suitable for people sleeping in different poses Icon

No matter what position you like to sleep in: on your side, back, or belly. The mattress adapts individually to each movement and position, gently absorbs and envelops the body.

Helps to maintain correct spinal position Icon

The effect of this mattress is different from polyurethane mattresses because the entire body support is transferred via the POCKET springs. POCKET springs are unique in that they do not emit a spring-like sound, each spring works individually and provides firm support and can withstand more weight. Working individually, each of the springs is pressed differently and adapts to body movements differently, providing the body with the required support at different points: springs sag more at the lumbar part and sag less at the points of head and feet while keeping the spine straight.

Body movements are not transferred to the partner Icon

Sleep calmly and without distractions throughout the night whereas POCKET springs respond individually to pressure and body movements, which are absorbed and not transferred to different parts of the mattress.

Breathable Icon

There are air gaps between the POCKET springs which ensure proper air permeability of the mattress. Proper ventilation is an important aspect of the use of the mattress, as it prevents accumulation of moisture inside the mattress, generation of mould and cools it during sleep. There is a special mesh at the bottom of the mattress, which allows the mattress to breathe more. For these reasons, the mattress is suitable for people who sweat more.

Easy to maintain Icon

The mattress slipcover has a zipper on the bottom part thereof to facilitate maintenance of the mattress: the slipcover is easy to remove, wash at 30°C temperature in ultra-gentle mode, dry-clean and iron it (at a temperature not exceeding 110°C). Composition of a slipcover: 62% polyester, 28% viscose, 8%  polypropylene, 2% lurex.


Certified Icon

The mattress slipcover is certified by Oeco-Tex, which also ensures that no hazardous substances, formaldehydes, heavy metals or forbidden pesticides have been used in the fabric production process.

POCKET spring mattress base Icon

POCKET springs have long been used in the manufacture of mattresses and not only them. They are unique in that each spring has its own textile shell, which allows each spring to respond individually to body pressure. These types of mattresses are recommended for people with higher weight because the springs provide greater support and pressure resistance. The spring block POCKET is surrounded by polyurethane foam on all sides, which gently adapts to the body.



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When choosing a mattress or mattress topper, it is important not only its comfort, but the internal structure, also. You can be sure that mattresses are made of high quality and durable materials. Many families in Lithuania and other countries have highly appreciated the quality and durability of „Magrės baldai“ products, and therefore strongly recommend them to their friends and relatives.



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